SBEE Seminar Series

The Social, Behavioral and Experimental Economics Seminar Series brings together a coherent and vital community of economics scholars whose research aims to broaden our understanding of the social, economic, and political consequences of real-life decisions and behaviors.

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, this year we run the seminar remotely as a webinar. Subscribe to our mailing list to receive Zoom invitations and login information.

This seminar series is organized jointly by Professors Yan Chen (UMSI), Alain Cohn (UMSI), Erin Krupka (UMSI), Steve Leider (Ross), David Miller (Econ), Yesim Orhun (Ross), and Tanya Rosenblat (UMSI). Todd Stuart serves as seminar coordinator.

Schedule for Fall 2021

Mondays, 11:30 AM - 12:45 PM ET

Zoom Meeting ID: 944 6184 0311

Passcode: (will be emailed when you sign up)

Date Speaker Title Recordings
Sept 13 Johanna Mollerstrom (George Mason Univ.) Your Place in the World: Relative Income and Global Inequality YouTube Link
Sept 20 Trevon Logan (Ohio State) The Green Books and the Geography of Segregation in Public Accommodations YouTube Link
Oct 4 Saurabh Bhargava (Carnegie Mellon Univ.) Save(d) by Design YouTube Link
Oct 11 Julie Chytilová (Charles Univ.) Nastiness in Groups YouTube Link
Oct 25 Scott E. Page (Univ. of Mich) A Lot of Diversity is Good. A Little Diversity…..On the Possibility of Collectively Accurate Classifications: A Cognitive/Computational Unpacking of Condorcet YouTube Link
Nov 1 M. Kathleen Ngangoué (UCLA) The Common-Probability Auction Puzzle (joint with Andy Schotter) YouTube Link
Nov 8 David Dunning (Univ. of Mich) On Fooling Yourself: The Mechanics of Motivated Reasoning YouTube Link
Nov 15 Sally Sadoff (UCSD) Earnings, Fertility and Gender Differences in Choice of Field: Evidence from a Large-Scale Survey and National Administrative Data YouTube Link
Nov 29 Michael Thaler (Princeton) The Supply of Motivated Beliefs  
Dec 6 Supreet Kaur (Berkeley) Cognitive Endurance as Human Capital  

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