The Social, Behavioral and Experimental Economics Seminar Series brings together a coherent and vital community of economics scholars whose research aims to broaden our understanding of the social, economic, and political consequences of real-life decisions and behaviors.

This seminar series is organized jointly by Professors Yan Chen (UMSI), Alain Cohn (UMSI), Erin Krupka (UMSI), Steve Leider (Ross), David Miller (Econ), Yesim Orhun (Ross), and Tanya Rosenblat (UMSI). Todd Stuart serves as seminar coordinator.

Fall 2023

Date Speaker Speaker Institution Title Location
Sept 12 Daniel Chen Toulouse School of Economics,
Toulouse, France
Data Science for Justice: Evidence from a Nationwide Randomized Experiment in Kenya Ehrlicher Room (3100 North Quad)
Sept 26 Andras Molnar University of Michigan “It’s not about the money. It’s about sending a message! Avengers want offenders to understand the reason for revenge. Erlicher Room (3100 North Quad)
Oct 3 Justin Holz University of Michigan TBD Erlicher Room (3100 North Quad)
Oct 10 Michel Maréchal University of Zürich The Right to be Heard: A Randomized Controlled Trial on Economizing Procedural Justice Erlicher Room (3100 North Quad)
Nov 7 Sherry Li University of Arkansas TBD Erlicher Room (3100 North Quad)
Nov 14 Billur Aksoy Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute TBD Erlicher Room (3100 North Quad)
Nov 28 John Horton Massachusetts Institute of Technology TBD Erlicher Room (3100 North Quad)

Winter 2023

Date Speaker Speaker Institution Title Location Recordings
March 7 Paul Healy Ohio State University Testing Elicitation Mechanisms Via Team Chat 3100 North Quad, Zoom YouTube Link
March 14 Misha Teplitskiy University of Michigan Ability to navigate the peer review process as a driver of global disparities in scientific productivity 3100 North Quad, Zoom YouTube Link
March 21 Ginger Jin University of Maryland Safety Reviews on Airbnb: An Information Tale 3100 North Quad, Zoom  
March 28 Stefanie Stantcheva Harvard University Zero-Sum Thinking and the Roots of U.S. Political Divides Zoom YouTube Link
April 4 Matthew Kovach Virginia Tech Intertial Updating 3100 North Quad, Zoom YouTube Link
April 11 Botond Koszegi Behavior and Inequality Institute, Bonn, Germany Understanding Markets with Socially Responsible Consumers - joint with Marc Kaufmann Space 2435 In-Person Only
April 18 Heather Schofield University of Pennsylvania Habit Formation in Labor Supply 3100 North Quad, Zoom  
April 25 Nicholas Bloom Standford University How Hybrid Working From Home Works Out 3100 North Quad, Zoom YouTube Link
May 10 Andrzej Baranski NYU Abu Dhabi An Experiment on Gender Representation in Majoritarian Bargaining 4300 North Quad  

Fall 2022

Date Speaker Speaker Institution Title Location Recordings
Sept 13 Silvia Saccardo Carnegie Mellon University Assessing Nudge Scalability:
Two Lessons from Large-scale RCTs
Zoom YouTube Link
Sept 19
(11:45 am - 1 pm)
Lise Vesterlund University of Pittsburgh The No Club:
Putting a Stop to Women’s Dead End Work
NQ Space 2435 YouTube Link
Sept 27 Frank Schilbach Massachusetts Institute of Technology Not Learning from Others + Learning in the Household Zoom YouTube Link
Oct 4 Ricardo Perez-Truglia University of California, Berkeley Where Do My Tax Dollars Go?
Tax Morale Effects of Perceived Government Spending
Zoom YouTube Link
Oct 11 Roseanna Sommers University of Michigan Consent Searches and the Underestimation of Compliance Lorch 301
(in-person only)
Oct 25 Erik Snowberg University of Utah Education, Reference, Points, and Happiness Ross (Blau) B3560  
Nov 1 Alexander Coutts York University Miscalibration, Overconfidence, and Uncertainty Ross (Blau) B3560 YouTube Link
Nov 8
(EDT to EST)
Yuehao Bai University of Michigan Optimality of Matched-Pair Designs in Randomized Controlled Trials Ross (Blau) B3560 YouTube Link
Nov 15 Corinne Low University of Pennsylvania Traditional Institutions in Modern Times: Dowries as Pensions When Sons Migrate Ross (Blau) B3560 YouTube Link
Nov 22 Kevin Bauer University of Mannheim The Smart Green Nudge 3100 North Quad, Zoom YouTube Link
Nov 29 Aislinn Bohren University of Pennsylvania Systemic Discrimination: Theory and Measurement Ross (Blau) B3560 YouTube Link
Dec 6 Marco Islam University of Michigan (Visiting) Motivated Risk Assessments Ross (Blau) B3560 YouTube Link

Winter 2022

Date Speaker Title Recordings
Jan 10 Ro’ee Levy (Tel Aviv University) The Effects of Social Movements: Evidence from #MeToo YouTube Link
Jan 24 Ian Krajbich (Ohio State University) Decision Times Reveal Private Information in Strategic Settings: Evidence from Bargaining in the Lab and on eBay  
Feb 7 Ted O’Donoghue (Cornell University) A Reconsideration of the Common-Ratio Effect and Probability Weighting  
Feb 21 Mike Mueller-Smith (University of Michigan) Measuring Intergenerational Exposure to the U.S. Justice System: Evidence from Longitudinal Links between Survey and Administrative Data YouTube Link
March 7 Sarah Miller (University of Michigan) Unequal at Birth: New Data on Early Life Health Inequality  
March 21 David Yang (Harvard University) Policy Experimentation in China: the Political Economy of Policy Learning YouTube Link
March 28 John List (The University of Chicago) The Voltage Effect How to Make Good Ideas Great and Great Ideas Scale  
April 4 Dean Eckles (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) Long ties: Formation, social contagion, and economic outcomes YouTube Link
April 7 (12pm-1pm) Emilie Jackson (Michigan State University) Availability of the Gig Economy and Long Run Labor Supply Effects for the Unemployed  

Fall 2021

Date Speaker Title Recordings
Sept 13 Johanna Mollerstrom (George Mason Univ.) Your Place in the World: Relative Income and Global Inequality YouTube Link
Sept 20 Trevon Logan (Ohio State) The Green Books and the Geography of Segregation in Public Accommodations YouTube Link
Oct 4 Saurabh Bhargava (Carnegie Mellon Univ.) Save(d) by Design YouTube Link
Oct 11 Julie Chytilová (Charles Univ.) Nastiness in Groups YouTube Link
Oct 25 Scott E. Page (Univ. of Mich) A Lot of Diversity is Good. A Little Diversity…..On the Possibility of Collectively Accurate Classifications: A Cognitive/Computational Unpacking of Condorcet YouTube Link
Nov 1 M. Kathleen Ngangoué (UCLA) The Common-Probability Auction Puzzle (joint with Andy Schotter) YouTube Link
Nov 8 David Dunning (Univ. of Mich) On Fooling Yourself: The Mechanics of Motivated Reasoning YouTube Link
Nov 15 Sally Sadoff (UCSD) Earnings, Fertility and Gender Differences in Choice of Field: Evidence from a Large-Scale Survey and National Administrative Data YouTube Link
Nov 29 Michael Thaler (Princeton) The Supply of Motivated Beliefs YouTube Link
Dec 6 Supreet Kaur (Berkeley) Cognitive Endurance as Human Capital To view seminar video contact

Winter 2021

Date Speaker Title Recordings
Jan 13 Marina Agranov (Caltech) Social Learning in Groups: an Experimental Study YouTube Link
Jan 20 Oriana Bandiera (LSE) The Misallocation of Women’s Talent Across Countries: Evidence from Personnel Data YouTube Link
Jan 27 Jean-Paul Carvalho (Irvine) Identity and Underrepresentation: Interactions between Race and Gender (with Bary Pradelski)  
Feb 3 Marie Claire Villeval (Lyon) Homophily, Peer Effects and Dishonesty YouTube Link
Feb 10 (3:00pm EST) Siqi Pan (Melbourne) Costly information acquisition in centralized matching markets YouTube Link
Feb 24 Neil Lewis Jr (Cornell) How Social Stratification Affects Information Processing  
March 17 Damon Jones (Chicago) Wealth, Race, and Consumption Smoothing of Typical Income Shocks  
March 24 Ivuoma Onyeador (Northwestern) Bias Intolerance: Predicting Condemnation of Apologetic Perpetrators of Prejudice YouTube Link
March 31 Jevay Grooms (Howard) Racial and Ethnic Disparities: Essential Workers, Mental Health, and the Coronavirus Pandemic YouTube Link
April 7 Mackenzie Alston (FSU) Does Black and Blue Matter?: An Experimental Investigation of Race and Perceptions of Police Bias  
April 14 Christopher Roth (Warwick) Interregional Contact and National Identity YouTube Link
April 21 Eugen Dimant (Penn) Hate Trumps Love: The Impact of Political Polarization on Social Preferences YouTube Link

Fall 2020

Date Speaker Title Recordings
Sept 8 Chloe Tergiman (Penn State) The Way People Lie in Markets  
Sept 15 Ryan Oprea (UC Santa Barbara) What Makes a Rule Complex? YouTube Link
Sept 22 Stefano DellaVigna (Berkeley) RCTs to Scale: Comprehensive Evidence from Two Nudge Units  
Sept 29 Rob Metcalfe (Boston) The Value of Time in the United States: Estimates from a Nationwide Natural Field Experiment  
Oct 6 Kirby Nielsen (Caltech) When Choices are Mistakes YouTube Link
Oct 13 John Wooders (NYUAD) Expertise, Gender, and Equilibrium Play YouTube Link
Oct 20 Yingzhi Liang (U-M) A Dynamic Matching Mechanism for College Admissions: Theory and Experiment YouTube Link
Oct 27 Peter Schwardmann (CMU) Self-Persuasion: Evidence from Field Experiments at Two International Debating Competitions YouTube Link
Nov 3 Benjamin Enke (Harvard) Moral Universalism: Economic and Political Applications YouTube Link
Nov 10 Leonardo Bursztyn (Chicago) Disguising Prejudice: Popular Rationales as Excuses for Intolerant Expression YouTube Link
Dec 1 Erik Snowberg (Caltech) Loss Attitudes in the U.S. Population: Evidence from Dynamically Optimized Sequential Experimentation (DOSE) YouTube Link
Dec 8 Shaul Shalvi (Amsterdam) Collaborative Dishonesty: A Meta-Study YouTube Link

Winter 2020

Date Presenter Location
March 9 Paola Giuliano (UCLA) TBA
March 23 Ceren Budak (U-M, internal) TBA
March 30 Mike Mueller-Smith (U-M, internal) TBA
April 6 Allison Earl (U-M, internal) TBA
April 13 John Wooders (NYU) TBA
April 20 Jacob Goeree (Sydney) TBA
April 27 Marie Claire Villeval (Lyon) TBA

Fall 2019

Date Presenter Title Location
Sept 09 Ray Fisman Rules, Discretion, and Corruption in Procurement: Evidence from Italian Government Contracting Ehrlicher Room, 3100 North Quad
Sept 16 Daniel Benjamin Reconsidering Risk Aversion Ehrlicher Room, 3100 North Quad
Sept 23 Collin Raymond Persistent Overconfidence and Biased Memory: Evidence from Managers Ehrlicher Room, 3100 North Quad
Sept 30 Christine Exley Motivated Errors Ehrlicher Room, 3100 North Quad
Oct 7 Joel Sobel Lying and Deception in Games Ehrlicher Room, 3100 North Quad
Oct 21 Topi Miettinen Exploration in Teams and the Encouragement Effect: Theory and Experimental Evidence Ehrlicher Room, 3100 North Quad
Oct 28 Judd Kessler Equity Concerns are Narrowly Framed Ehrlicher Room, 2435 North Quad
Nov 4 David Huffman Complexity and shrouded attributes in incentive schemes: The case of the ratchet effect Ehrlicher Room, 3100 North Quad
Nov 18 Predrag Klasnja (U-M, internal)   Ehrlicher Room, 3100 North Quad
Dec 2 Alexandra Rosati (U-M, internal)   Ehrlicher Room, 3100 North Quad
Dec 9 John Beshears (Harvard)   Ehrlicher Room, 3100 North Quad

Fall 2018

Date Presenter Title Special Notes
Sept 17 Oded Netzer When Words Sweat: Identifying Signals for Loan Default in the Text of Loan Applications  
Sept 24 Drazen Prelec Finding Truth When Most People Are Wrong Joint w. RCGD @ 3:30pm
Oct 1 Shalena Srna The Illusion of Multitasking and Its Positive Effect on Performance  
Oct 8 Alex Imas The Dynamics of Discrimination: Theory and Evidence  
Oct 15 Sebastian Grüneisen (UM) The role of social interdependence in children’s cooperative decision-making  
Oct 22 Devin Pope Medical Guidelines and Doctor Decision Making  
Nov 5 Stephan Meier Intentions for Doing Good Matter for Doing Well: The (Negative) Signaling Value of Prosocial Incentives  
Nov 12 Hunt Alcott Regressive Sin Taxes, with an Application to the Optimal Soda Tax Joint w. RCGD @ 11:45am
Nov 26 Brendan Nyhan (UM) Who Reads Fake News? Evidence from the 2016 and 2018 campaigns  
Dec 3 Julia Lee (UM) Lay Theories of Effortful Honesty  
Dec 10 Ben Bushong Misattribution of Reference Dependence: Theory and Experiments Note: change of location into Founders Room 4310 North Quad
Dec 17 Bob Meyer TBA