We welcome faculty members and graduate students interested in behavioral science to join our BEE (Behavioral and Experimental Economics) lab meetings and/or present their work. We accept presentations of ongoing projects and other research-related activities at any stage, including:

Our weekly lab meetings take place on Wednesday, 11:30 am - 12:30 pm through Zoom. To attend the BEE lab meetings and stay up to date about upcoming presentations, please fill the registration form to join our mailing list. Also, please join our Slack channel through this invitation link.

If you are interested to present, please Click here to acquire a slot.

We are grateful for financial support from the Rackham Graduate School.

Schedule for Fall 2021

Date Presenter Title Location
September 1   BEE kickoff meeting Hybrid
September 15 Akash Sood Culture and Innovation Zoom
September 22 Zhewei Song Defensive treatment in credence good markets – Does reputation or norms improve efficiency? Zoom
September 29 Clare Snyder Algorithm Reliance Under Pressure: The Effect of High Customer Loads on Service Workers Zoom
October 6 Hanna Hoover Outgroup Minority Bias: Social Norms Surrounding Sexual Consent Zoom
October 15 James Allen Vaccine Messaging & Social Networks: Pilot Results and Study Design Zoom
October 20 Jaron Cordero Two Roads to Altruism: Revelations from Basic Models, Methods, and Data for Characterizing Personal Charitable Giving Zoom
October 27 Misha Teplitskiy The effect of conferences on diffusion of scientific ideas Zoom
November 3 Yan Chen The role of group identity in fostering political polarization Zoom
November 10 Hanna Hoover Does it pay to ensure bail? An RCT on the effects of bail cost-sharing Zoom
November 17 Jon Denton-Schneider Colonial Institutions, Marriage Markets, and HIV: Evidence from Mozambique Zoom
December 1 Qingyi Wang Social Identity and Affective Polarization: Preference-Based or Belief-Based? Zoom
December 8 Linfeng Li Tutorial: Getting started with oTree Zoom
December 15     Zoom
December 22     Zoom

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