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Our decade-long lab meeting series is now funded by the Rackham Graduate School. As always, we welcome faculty members and graduate students to present work that is at any stage, including but not limited to:

If you are interested to present, please Click Here to acquire a slot. Supported by the RIW funding, we are welcoming external speakers to present in our lab meetings as well.

Schedule for Winter 2020 — Lab Meetings (Thursday 1-2 pm)

In Winter 2020, the group will meet at Thursday 1-2 pm, in North Quad 4330 (two left-turns from the elevator). If you are interested to present, please Click Here to acquire a slot.

Date Presenter Title Location
Jan 16 Topi Miettinen Does competition increase search and innovation? An experimental study of open vs. closed innovation for private vs. public goods North Quad 4330
Jan 23 Yingzhi Liang Evaluating the Effect of Flexibility on Labor Supply and Outcome: The Case of a Ride-Sharing Economy North Quad 4330
Feb 20 Topi Miettinen “Economic Crisis and the Crisis of Economics?” - The role of economic science in economic forecasting North Quad 4330
Feb 27 Harman Kaur Exploring Characteristics of Effective Apologies in Online Harassment Settings North Quad 4330
April 9 Jiawei Li Sequential Decision-Making in Product Development BlueJeans
April 16 Linfeng Li Experiment Design: Motivating metadata contributions for data re-use and reproducibility Zoom
April 23     North Quad 4330
April 30     North Quad 4330
May 7     North Quad 4330

Schedule for Winter 2020 — SBEE Seminar (Monday 11:45-12:45)

Date Presenter Location
March 9 Paola Giuliano (UCLA) TBA (Ross or Econ)
March 23 Ceren Budak (U-M, internal) TBA (Ross or Econ)
March 30 Mike Mueller-Smith (U-M, internal) TBA (Ross or Econ)
April 6 Allison Earl (U-M, internal) TBA (Ross or Econ)
April 13 John Wooders (NYU) TBA (Ross or Econ)
April 20 Jacob Goeree (Sydney) TBA (Ross or Econ)
April 27 Marie Claire Villeval (Lyon) TBA (Ross or Econ)

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