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Thanks to the generosity of the Rackham Graduate School, our decade-long lab meeting series now has a new “name” (see above in large font), and a new funding source.

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Schedule for Winter 2018 — Lab Meeting

In Winter 2018, the group will meet at Thursday 1-2 pm, in North Quad 4330 (two left-turns from the elevator). If you are interested to present, please Click Here to acquire a slot.

Date Presenter Title & Abstract
Jan 17 Yan Chen Team formation and competition increases driver productivity in ride sharing: A field experiment at DiDi
Feb 14 Iman YeckehZaare Speed and Studying: Gendered Pathways to Success
Feb 21 Wei Ai Promoting Pro-social Behavior through End-to-End Data Science
Mar 14 Yan Chen Best practices in replication: A case study of common information in coordination games
Mar 21 Annemarie Gronau Autonomy and recruitment
Mar 28 Yingzhi Liang The benefit of freedom
April 4 Jon Denton-Schneider Ethnic divisions in markets: Pre-analysis plan
April 25 Alain Cohen How do the rich think about redistribution?
May 9 Merve Sariiisk Understanding Salary History Ban?

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